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The release of Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag has been postponed in some countries due to a low-down crack in the DRM. It transpires that Ubisoft stored data on the game discs and not only in the servers and made it vulnerable for low-down cracks because of its DRM system. It is unknown whether this affects all copies or just ones bought from specific sellers. The company is currently investigating how big the problem actually is. Friends who want to play AC4: Black Flag will have to wait until Ubisoft releases an update, but until then they can keep themselves busy with AC3 multiplayer which has just been patched again with new content and fixes. On December 12, 2013, Ubisoft confirmed that there would be a "small" delay for the release of Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag in the UK. The Digital Rights Management (DRM) protection of the game was "exploited" and it would be updated for free to remove the security flaw. The new DRM is meant to prevent pirating and will take effect with all copies purchased from 13th December onwards. As this issue is causing some issues for players it is unclear how many copies have been affected but most big retailers such as Amazon and GAME have updated their stock lists and offer a refund for affected gamers. Affected copies will be replaced by new copies of the game, with the disc serial numbers removed. A small number of customers who purchased their game from GAME had already received an email stating that their copy was unaffected and they could resume playing. For copies purchased online, Ubisoft is automatically refunding customers via the credit card used for purchase. This has come as a result of customers losing money to various 'scambans' (the French word for scammers) that claimed otherwise. Ubisoft believes that this is because many people are unaware that there is any issue with pirate copies. Customers who purchased the game from another retailer, such as Amazon, might have to request a refund. However, it is unsure whether this applies to all retailers or if it is specific for affected copies only. Affected customers can be confident they are able to continue playing as Ubisoft has stated that they will not be restricting any other multiplayer features of the game including the multiplayer-only animus memories, homestead and competitive score system. In April 2015 a wave of DRM related issues were discovered in Ubisoft Games with games such as The Division and Child Of Light. These problems were related to the DRM used in these games, Denuvo Anti-Tamper, and lead to almost complete patching of single player elements. Ubisoft issued a statement stating that Denuvo was not meant to be used the way it was implemented in their games and that they were looking into how to solve this issue. One month after the first statement was made by Ubisoft regarding the use of Denuvo in their games, no official solutions has been offered up for these issues which lead many people to speculate that additional backlash is imminent. However, on June 19th 2015, the official account run by Ubisoft Support tweeted out a cryptic response suggesting that there are further developments being made behind closed doors.


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